How to make cosmetic packaging design more perfect


In this era of packaging, when consumers buy products, their eyes are often attracted by those exquisite packaging. Cosmetic packaging also has this function. In the process of consumers buying cosmetics, the packaging is exquisitely designed and has personality, which meets the aesthetic needs of consumers. Such products are easier for consumers to buy. So, how to make cosmetics packaging design unique, and how to attract consumers' attention? This is a question that professional designers should consider.

1. Pay attention to text design and improve brand quality

With the improvement of people's living standards, consumers are more willing to buy high-end products when they buy cosmetics, and high-end products can better meet consumers' use and spiritual needs. Generally speaking, the text on cosmetic packaging is the basis for consumers to choose cosmetics. The text on the packaging includes brand name, product introduction, etc. Smart designers pay special attention to the design of brand text, and will consider the form and combination of brand text, so that the text created in this way has more personality and can better evoke people's aesthetic pleasure.

And here I want to remind everyone that the name of the product must be concise and easy to read, so that the name will be more easily remembered by consumers. The explanatory text conveys the information on the use of cosmetics, so it must be cleverly combined, so as to leave a good impression on people, make people happy when reading, and better get a good psychological response.



The size of the text and the selection and arrangement of the font on the cosmetics packaging are all skillful, and the text should echo the graphics and colors. The text must not only coordinate the font and the overall match, but also the color and part of the strokes must be processed, and the personalized design of the text must be highlighted. Only this type of text can have a more perfect effect and improve the brand's grade.

2. Promote green environmental protection

At present, people's requirements for environmental protection are getting higher and higher, so cosmetic packaging design must conform to the concept of environmental protection. Environmental protection, as one of the fashion symbols, must be reflected in the packaging design of cosmetics. The packaging design should use recyclable and degradable materials, which will effectively prevent the packaging from causing unusable or regenerated garbage. Cosmetic packaging must reduce the impact on the environment.

For some cosmetics brands, their product manuals are not traditional separate manuals, but print the descriptions inside the packaging box, which can effectively reduce paper waste. It can also be seen that the environmental protection of cosmetics companies and designers idea.

All in all, cosmetics packaging design must have personality, want to make your products stand out among similar products, but also pay attention to environmental protection.

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