Pay attention to the marketing design of cosmetic packaging

Cosmetic bottles can be seen everywhere. The requirements are actually very simple and require high-end atmosphere. Therefore, there are still many suppliers who will choose glass plastic bottles, but there are disadvantages that cannot be avoided. Many cosmetic suppliers want to change their sales model. When the packaging is changed to plastic, the question is coming, how to improve the grade of cosmetic plastic bottles? Because plastic is a very poor material! Wrong, look at how you designed and used it!

Pay attention to the marketing design of packaging. Consumers have different shopping psychology according to their age, occupation, gender, and economic level. Therefore, according to the differences in product positioning and consumer groups, different packaging solutions are determined to give the soul of the product and cause purchases. desire

Now there is no shortage of branded cosmetics using plastic packaging. The design is completely better than others. It is lightweight, easy to transport, and high-end. It can be used everywhere, unlike glass, which is destined to be heavy. Plastic replacement


Plastic packaging bottles affect human behavior at all times in terms of eating and consumption. Today, with the rapid economic development, whether it is diversification, environmental protection, safety and health has become the first choice for the packaging industry, has become The packaging form that is indispensable in modern society is only constantly updated iteratively and will not be eliminated;

As the carrier of products, quality, strength, sealing, moisture resistance, hygiene and safety are very important. The development of cosmetic packaging has been for decades. According to the customary behavior of consumers, plastic packaging bottles for cosmetics are also needed. Combining trends and injecting more fresh elements to satisfy consumers, the following points are a clear development trend for cosmetic bottles:

1. Anti-seepage, anti-moisture, anti-expired: these all affect the quality of cosmetics, and the effectiveness of cosmetics can only be guaranteed by changing the plastic bottle

2. Prevention of counterfeit cosmetics: cosmetics have strict requirements and are rarely forged, but cosmetic manufacturers should also pay attention to this problem. Now with the rapid development of technology, forgery is indispensable, which poses a great threat to the crowd;

3. Prevent children from opening arbitrarily;


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