How to choose the right cosmetic bottle manufacturer

The size, capacity, quality, and price of cosmetics bottle factories have different advantages. How to find a suitable manufacturer of cosmetic kit bottles? Need to pay attention to the following three points:

1. Do the core of the manufacturer's product positioning

As far as set bottle manufacturers are concerned, Shaoxing is rich in plastic bottles. If you are looking for plastic cosmetics set bottle manufacturers, it is recommended to find them in Shaoxing, because of the supply chain and other issues, the price will be relatively low.

2. See if the qualifications of the manufacturer are all

This is very important, and it is also the basis of cooperation. I believe it does not need to be interpreted too much.

3. Look at the degree of mechanization and production capacity of the manufacturer

This depends on whether the manufacturer can complete your orders on time and efficiently, and will not affect your product's online layout due to packaging material issues.

4. See if the manufacturer has R&D and design capabilities

Because innovation can lead the market, good manufacturers should have the innovative research and development capabilities of cosmetic packaging materials to make the market's explosive products.


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