Arts and crafts to increase added value for cosmetic packaging

In order to have an advantage in the cosmetic packaging market, many cosmetic manufacturers are improving their market image, brand value and packaging charm through innovative design and raw material use. Cosmetic carton manufacturers need to adapt to market needs, improve their competitiveness in the cosmetics market through process innovation, and strive to provide better and more creative packaging boxes to gain more profits.

Requirement for the art and craft design of cosmetic carton

The main function of cosmetic packaging is to protect products, increase product value, and beautify products. Cosmetic packaging is generally more concerned about the design of the packaging, using new packaging materials, innovative packaging design, and additional special decoration, reflecting the creativity and visual performance of cosmetic packaging boxes to attract consumers to buy. The packaging design of cosmetics gradually develops in the direction of unique shape, obvious characteristics and rich texture. 

In order to obtain higher profits and orders, cosmetic packaging design needs to meet consumers' aesthetic and consumer views, and rational use can better improve product profits. 

The performance of the new styling process design

The appearance of cosmetics is the first element to attract consumers, and the unique cosmetics are the most important. The market shows that only products that break through the appearance of traditional cosmetic packaging can be more attractive to consumers. Hexagonal, trapezoidal, semicircular, non-standard shapes, etc. are all very good creative performances.

In the current development of science and technology, 3D effects and three-dimensional digital simulation technology make the shape of new product packaging possible. However, in the process of mass production, how to ensure that the new design of cosmetic packaging can be achieved, material processing and production efficiency, and finished product processing issues. Therefore, when carrying out production, it is necessary to consider the impact of the box shape on the production process, find the most convenient and efficient production method, increase the production speed of the product, and reduce the problem of the product. 

Combined printing and overall printing process

The current cosmetic packaging design is all towards individualization and differentiation, and it is the consensus of cosmetics manufacturers to use a variety of printing methods to achieve cosmetics production. For example, using large-area spot colors for bump printing, flexo printing for surface printing, digital printing for anti-counterfeiting, and offset printing for images, etc. Although the combined printing effect is very powerful, it is necessary to pay attention to the relationship between each printing link and the printing order, and to carefully observe the effect after the completion of various printing methods, and the changes between the printing materials, to avoid the batch printing An error in the printing process caused the interruption of the printing operation. 

When carrying out combination printing and process design, cosmetic packaging manufacturers need to abandon the original printing and processing methods, consider the design and modeling of packaging products, design production processes and links, and form a complete one-stop production management system, using digital Manage and control production. Prevent the problems between different materials for different printing processes, strengthen the yield of cosmetic packaging production, and improve production efficiency.


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