How About Plastic Dual Chamber Airless Cosmetic Bottle

Name: Plastic Dual Chamber Airless Cosmetic Bottle. Theme: Children's Theme. Purpose: For use as an educational toy, during parties, and to enhance the look of beverages. Theme: Children's Theme

Name: Plastic Dual Chamber Airless Cosmetic Bottle. Artwork: Any image, artwork, picture, etc can be used. Material: Plastic, PP, or aluminum. Color: Any color is available. Original Manufacturer: Used by many companies.

Name: Plastic Dual Chamber Airless Cosmetic Bottle, with Silicone Pump. Artwork: Any picture, image, etc can be used. Material: Rubber, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc... Color: Any color is available, also. Original Manufacturer: Used by many companies.

Name: Plastic Dual Chamber Airless Cosmetic Bottle with Silicone Seal. Artwork: Any artwork, photo, etc can be used. Material: Polyethylene, polypropylene, aluminum, rubber, etc... Color: Original manufacturer, used by many companies.

Artwork Color: Silicone seal is clear and colored textured. Not clear and colored. Color usually depends on how you want it, i.e. pink, black, blue, yellow, green, gray, whatever works for you. Original manufacturer: Used by many companies.

Materials used in manufacturing are plastic, aluminum, polycarbonate, color - whatever you want, i.e. clear, colored, gold, silver, bronze, etc... Silicone seal: Clear, colored, semi-opaque. Not so much what you see. But, this is what the artist intended to put on the bottle.

The most popular places to put these are on the outside (on the store front), inside (on the product label), or inside the box (on the insert of the product). If you are selling to customers, you might consider putting it on the insert, because this will show the customer that you actually know what you're talking about. Some places use this artwork, and call it their own. Others will not use this material and say, "this is generic artwork". This really doesn't matter at all, if you know what I mean.

You can't just take anyone's artwork and put it on your product. Someone has to be creative enough, and talented enough, to make something that stands out, and is not bland. That's what I'm talking about.

I've had a few customers come into my store and ask where I got their artwork. I don't sell that type of thing, so they were surprised when I told them. Then they found out where I got it: from an air-brush artist. He specializes in airbrushing and blending. His work is awesome! But he can't do this for every single product, because he would have to spend an entire lifetime studying art work.

This is why I choose to do airbrushing and blending instead of airbrushing. It is much cheaper, much faster, and much easier to apply. So when people come in and want a great looking cosmetic bottle, and they specifically ask for an "art work" airbrush bottle, I know exactly where to go. And if they want an awesome looking bottle that has a lot of artwork, I am happy to oblige. All you have to do is let me know what your interests are, and we can work something out. Just make sure you understand that it will cost you more than just purchasing a regular plastic double chamber airless cosmetic bottle.
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