Product features of acrylic lotion bottle

Acrylic lotion bottles can be widely used and have many unique advantages.​​

1. High temperature resistance

Acrylic lotion bottle has good high temperature resistance, it has a very hard outer surface and good gloss, it can be used in different environments, it is insensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, and its chemical properties are stable .​​

2. Good viewing

Good viewing is mainly due to its high transparency, its light transmittance is more than 92%, in the sun, its brightness will increase, the vision is clear, it gives people a pleasing feeling, and it has a good color display. Effect.​​

3. Good plasticity

It can be heated and formed, has good processing performance, and can be made into different shapes, so the acrylic lotion bottles we see have different shapes, it can be machined, and the molding effect is very good.​​

4. Not easy to break

It is a kind of plexiglass, but its hardness is better than that of plexiglass, its density is only half of that of ordinary glass, under the same volume, its mass is lighter, and it is not as easy to break as glass, and it is useless if broken in time Very sharp fragments, will not cause harm to the elderly and children at home.​​

5. Good workability

The appearance of the acrylic lotion bottle has a good spray type, it can adopt appropriate printing and spraying process, and in a certain sense, its appearance can be sprayed with various ideal patterns. In advertising, various advertising patterns can be made on the outer body, which is promotional and ornamental.​​

6. Flame resistance

It is unnatural in itself, but it is a flammable product, and you need to pay attention to the fire source when using it.​​

The above are some of the product features of the acrylic lotion bottle.
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