The key elements and benefits of the vacuum-based system for cosmetic airless pump bottles

The vacuum-based system is the fundamental principle that drives the innovative functionality of cosmetic airless pump bottles. This system creates an airtight environment within the container, preserving the product's integrity, preventing contamination, and enhancing the shelf life of the cosmetic formulation.
Vacuum Seal Mechanism: The heart of the vacuum-based system lies in its ability to create and maintain a seal that prevents air from entering the container. This is achieved through the interaction between the inner pouch, the dispensing mechanism, and the outer container:
Inner Pouch: The inner pouch is typically made of flexible and air-tight materials, such as polyethylene (PE) or other similar polymers. This pouch holds the cosmetic product, and its flexible nature allows it to collapse as the product is dispensed. This collapsing action is essential for maintaining the vacuum seal.
Dispensing Mechanism: When the user presses the pump, the dispensing mechanism generates pressure within the container. This pressure forces the inner pouch to collapse, pushing the product towards the nozzle and out of the container. Importantly, the act of dispensing doesn't allow air to enter the container, ensuring that the vacuum seal remains intact.
Outer Container: The outer container, which houses the inner pouch and the dispensing mechanism, provides structural support and protection. It also helps maintain the integrity of the vacuum seal by ensuring that the pouch collapses uniformly and doesn't allow air to re-enter the container.
Preservation of Product Freshness: One of the primary benefits of the vacuum-based system is its ability to preserve the freshness and efficacy of cosmetic products. Here's how it works:
Oxygen Isolation: Oxygen is a common catalyst for the degradation of cosmetic ingredients. It can lead to changes in color, texture, and even the breakdown of active compounds. By creating a vacuum seal, cosmetic airless pump bottles minimize the contact between the product and oxygen, significantly reducing the rate of oxidation. This means that the product remains as effective from the first use to the last.
Protection from Contaminants: The airtight environment created by the vacuum-based system acts as a barrier against contaminants. Bacteria, dust, pollutants, and other external factors that could compromise the product's hygiene and safety are kept at bay. This is particularly essential for products that are applied directly to the skin, as it ensures that the formulation remains pure and free from harmful microbes.
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