Tips when choosing cosmetic packaging materials

The packaging of cosmetics must include appearance, product protection, product introduction, etc., in order to develop in the future.

1. Fresh-keeping packaging of cosmetics
In order to adapt to consumers, manufacturers generally make products that do not contain preservatives in containers, so that consumers can use them all at once, such as cosmetic essences, which are more expensive, so they are supplied to the high-end luxury market It will not become the mainstream cosmetics, but there will also be some stable consumer groups.

2. Design and manufacture of green material packaging
Nowadays, cosmetic packaging must focus on environmentally friendly packaging design. When choosing which material to use for packaging, you must also consider what kind of impact this material will have on the environment, and whether it can be recycled after using this material will be increasingly valued by consumers and manufacturers.

3. New technology of composite materials
This technology allows different materials to be combined into packaging. And you can choose the color design and shape you want. Using this technology, the packaging can isolate light, maintain vacuum, and prevent oxidation. And after printing and packaging products with different material combinations, it also has unique effects on touch and visual experience.

4. The rise of vacuum packaging technology
It has the characteristics of strong protection, high recovery and anti-oxidation. It can protect certain cosmetics containing oils, fats and vitamins. And vacuum packaging technology highlights the functionality of packaging, which is very important for some packaging.


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