What are the requirements for the appearance quality of cosmetic packaging materials

Commonly used cosmetic packaging materials
a) Bottles (including plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc.);
b) Cover [including outer cover, inner cover, (plug, pad, membrane), etc.];
c) Bags (including paper bags, plastic bags, and composite bags);
d) Hoses (including plastic hoses, composite hoses, metal hoses, etc.);
e) Boxes (including plastic boxes, plastic boxes, metal boxes, etc.);
f) Spray cans (including pressure-resistant aluminum cans, iron cans, etc.);
g) Ingot tube (including lipstick tube, foundation tube, mascara tube, etc.);
h) Cosmetic pencil
i) Nozzle (including pneumatic type and pump type);
j) Outer box (including flower box, plastic seal, middle box, transportation packaging, etc.).
Packaging material requirements
The materials used in the packaging of cosmetic products must be safe and should not cause harm to the human body.
Packaging appearance requirements
1. Bottle
The body of the bottle should be stable, the surface should be smooth, and the thickness of the bottle wall should be basically uniform, without obvious scars, deformation, and no cold bursts and cracks. The bottle mouth should be straight and smooth, no burrs (burrs) should be used, and the thread and bayonet fitting structure should be intact and straight. The fit between the bottle and the cap should be tight, with no slippery teeth, loosening, and no leakage. The inside and outside of the bottle should be clean.
Light Yellow Multi-layer Cosmetic Bottle Series
(1) Inner cover: The inner cover should be complete, smooth, clean and not deformed. The inner cap should fit well with the bottle and outer cap. The inner cover should not leak out.
(2) Outer cover: The outer cover should be straight, smooth, free from cracks, burrs (burrs). The color of the outer cover should be uniform. The threaded fitting structure of the outer cover should be intact. The color of the outer cover with anodized aluminum or bronzing should be uniform. The outer cover of the clamshell type should be turned up flexibly, and the connection part shall not be broken. The fit between the cap and the bottle should be tight, without slippery teeth or looseness.
3. Bag:
No obvious wrinkles, scratches, air bubbles should be applied to the bag. The color of the bag should be uniform. The sealing of the bag should be firm, and there should be no openings, perforations, or leakage (paste). The composite bag should be firm and evenly coated.
4. Hose:
The body of the hose should be smooth, tidy, uniform in thickness, without obvious scratches, and uniform in color. The sealing of the hose should be firm and correct, and there should be no openings or wrinkles (except for the normal indentation of the mold). The cover of the hose shall meet the requirements of 5.3. The composite membrane of the hose should not float.
5. Box:
The surface of the box should be smooth and straight, and there should be no obvious scratches, burrs (burrs), severe collapse and damage. The tightness of the opening of the box should be appropriate. When taking the flower box, do not peel it off with your fingers, so as to pinch the edge of the lid, and the bottom does not fall off. The mirror inside the box, the contents and the box should be firmly pasted, the mirror image should be good, and there should be no scratches or damage to the bottom of the box.
6. Spray cans
The tank body is flat, no rust spots, smooth welding seam, no obvious scratches, concave tank phenomenon, and the color should be uniform. The roll mouth of the spray can should be smooth and free of wrinkles, cracks and deformation.
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