How to choose a reliable cream bottle manufacturer

Cream is an important category in cosmetics and medicines. The market share is relatively large. But cream is neither liquid nor solid, it has a certain viscosity. Therefore, cream bottle packaging will be different from other packaging types. Cream bottles currently on the market are mainly packaged in the form of glass, plastic and hose. Among them, plastic products are mainly packaged in acrylic cream bottles.
For acrylic cream bottle packaging, the advantages are obvious.
1. Acrylic cream bottle looks similar to glass, with high-end temperament and heavy feeling, especially for packaging needs of composite cosmetics.
2. The packaging of acrylic cream bottle is durable, and the glass cream bottle is easy to break.
3. The price of acrylic cream bottle is lower in cost. These are the reasons why acrylic cream bottle packaging is popular in the cosmetic packaging market.
Of course, the acrylic cream bottle also has some defects.
First of all, the sealing performance of the acrylic cream bottle is not good, and it is easy for bacteria to enter after the large diameter is opened. This is why acrylic cream bottles are not used for medicinal creams. Secondly, acrylic cream bottle packaging is not easy to squeeze, relatively speaking, tube packaging is more convenient to squeeze.
So how to choose a cream bottle manufacturer?
1. Does it have its own factory and manufacturing team
2. Does the factory have a complete production line and mold for cream bottles?
This piece can be inspected on the spot to see whether the output of the factory's production line of cream bottles can meet the target output demand, and whether the molds of the cream bottles are enough to facilitate future customization, so as to ensure that the future delivery period after cooperation is no problem. , The product has market competitiveness.
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