How to make cosmetic packaging stand out


In the highly competitive cosmetics packaging market, if the brand wants cosmetics to stand out from the shopping shelf, the most important thing is to create a sense of uniqueness to attract customers' attention. The cosmetic packaging bottle is the key to attracting the attention of potential customers and further purchasing your product.

But there are some factors that need to be considered when customizing cosmetic packaging bottles, so as to ensure that the product stands out from the shopping rack.

1. Simple design

When consumers buy a product, there is no time to research more details about the product. This means they will look for a product that can help them make a decision quickly. For example, use a clearer and more concise bottle design in cosmetic packaging bottles.

2. Do not use universal packaging bottles

What is a universal bottle? A universal bottle is a packaging that does not target any specific product and does not have too many design elements. It can be widely used in packaging containers for a variety of commodities.

You may feel that using custom packaging bottles may greatly reduce your product profits. However, this is not the case. Professional bottle design should be regarded as an investment in brand marketing.



Because the product packaging bottle is a form of communication between the brand and the customer. The product packaging box is the best opportunity to leave a good first impression on customers, so you have to make it more valuable. The use of universal packaging will reduce the value of the product and leave a bad first impression on consumers.

On the other hand, choosing a high-end cosmetic bottle can convey a high-quality message to customers so that they can buy with confidence. Therefore, cosmetic packaging bottles can be called an investment, which has the potential to allow customers to continue to buy back your products in the next few years.

3. Color

If there is something that can truly define and capture a person's emotions, it is color. Different colors can evoke different emotions of customers. Brands can use the customer's association with specific colors to make your products more attractive.

For example, white can be associated with cleanness and simplicity. The meaning of each color is different.

Customized cosmetic packaging bottles are more important than imagined. They not only reflect the brand image well, but also increase the overall sales of the products. Compared with other cosmetics on the shopping shelf, you need to ensure that the bottle conveys a clear message and makes it easy for them to make a quick decision.

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