Advantages and Disadvantages of Airless Bottles


An airless bottle is a sleek plastic product with a wide variety of uses. It is made from airless technology and comes in a variety of colors. They are an excellent choice for travel and home use. Bulk options are also available. When choosing a plastic product, look for one that is recyclable. You can find both plastic bottles and airless dispensing bottles in bulk. Each type of bottle has its advantages and disadvantages.

A double-bottle design is a plus with an airless bottle. These bottles are made from acrylic and polypropylene, respectively. A twist-top pump and a two-piece design eliminate the need for an over-cap. In addition, the bottle itself is recyclable. APC Packaging makes an airless collection of double-wall bottles that feature a slight curve. These are a great choice for people who want to avoid plastic bottles and are looking for something simple but high-quality.

Another advantage to an airless bottle is that it allows for more product integrity and shelf life. It also prevents product contamination. As air and light can affect essential oils, an airless pump bottle prevents them from being affected. Light can even alter the beneficial properties of essential oils. Moreover, an airless bottle keeps out unnecessary ingredients. The dosage provided is accurate from the first to the last pump. Aside from cosmetics, airless bottles are great for storing cooking and cleaning products.

Another advantage of an airless pump bottle is that it preserves the product in an air-free environment. It also features an integrated plastic piston that pushes the product towards the dispenser from the base of the bottle. By reducing the need for traditional pumps, an airless pump bottle is fast becoming an important part of the beauty industry. By 2023, leading industry experts estimate that the global airless market will be worth $39 billion. If the benefits of airless technology make it an excellent choice for natural skincare products, you should consider investing in one.

Another benefit to an airless bottle is that it eliminates the need for additional packaging for dispensing pumps. Traditional pump bottles are prone to back-flow because air contacts the liquid product and decreases its shelf life. Airless bottles do not require these chemical preservatives, so you can use organic and natural products in your cosmetic products. It also reduces the risk of contamination by eliminating the need for additional bottles. You can even purchase one that comes with a pump, making it even more convenient.

Aside from being a better choice for travel, an airless pump bottle is a convenient option for cosmetics and other liquids. The design of an airless pump bottle reduces oxygen in the bottle, which helps the product maintain its freshness longer. Moreover, the airless pump bottle prevents cavities from forming inside the bottle and also prevents oxidation. The only drawback is that the product may lose its shelf life in a faulty airless bottle.

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