Cosmetic plastic bottle design needs to better cater to the market

We rarely see spray plastic bottles in the market, but we cannot deny its advantages in the market; for example, in cosmetic water, perfume, etc., but we will use mosquito repellent in the summer. It is still aluminum cans. The cost of aluminum materials is definitely much higher than that of plastics, and the recycling rate of aluminum cans is not as high as that of plastic bottles, and it is difficult to decompose after being discarded and will cause pollution. So we should improve these spray plastics as soon as possible.

Bottle products will have great advantages; only to improve the performance of plastic products, the market will naturally choose to use low-cost plastic sprays, which can solve the inconvenience caused by aluminum products. For spray plastic bottles, everyone is still Will always use pet more because of its high recycling, non-polluting, non-toxic, low cost, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and high compressive strength, so many industries will give priority to it. At the same time, it has high transparency and can be produced as oneself. Any level of transparency you want


The market segmentation is becoming more and more obvious, and the development momentum of male cosmetics is getting stronger and stronger, and the development speed will immediately catch up with the development of lady cosmetics. More and more cosmetic plastic bottle manufacturers are investing in research and development.

There is a big difference between the packaging of cosmetic plastic bottles and women's, especially in appearance, men must highlight the concept and personality of the product, and must be differentiated, highlighting the wild and other details of the product characteristics;

Cosmetic packaging wants to go better without the important part of cosmetic plastic bottle packaging design. Many domestic cosmetics have their own main elements and characteristics, and they will draw on such inspired designs and highlight them in their cosmetic packaging; This is just a way of thinking, highlighting its characteristics and characteristics. It should not rest on its own feet and actively absorb the design elements and experience concepts of some successful cosmetic packaging products; and some special packaging uses will make everyone more sought after; manufacturers need better Cater to the market


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