Cosmetic plastic packaging industry market prospects and technology development trends

Cosmetic plastic packaging industry overview

As the cosmetic market demands more and more on the appearance, performance and production cost of packaging, plastic packaging stands out in the competition because of its strength, light weight, unbreakability and low production cost, etc. It also gives cosmetic manufacturers more opportunities to produce many beautiful and unique products at an economical and reasonable cost.

With the increasing variety of materials used for plastic packaging, plastic bottle packaging materials have not only been limited to relatively low-cost AS, PP, ABS and other raw materials, while the higher cost of PETG, PMMA has become the focus of cosmetic plastic packaging direction.

PMMA, commonly known as acrylic, has been widely used in various types of cosmetic packaging. Acrylic has the following advantages when used as cosmetic packaging materials.

a, acrylic cosmetic plastic packaging has crystal-like transparency, excellent optical properties, soft light transmission, visual clarity, even after the dye coloring still has excellent light transmission, while the color after the dyeing effect is excellent.

b, acrylic cosmetic plastic packaging has a high surface gloss and surface hardness, while having good printability and sprayability.

c, acrylic cosmetic plastic packaging has good processing performance, both thermoforming and mechanical processing methods can be used.

Based on the above advantages, in the cosmetic plastic packaging, acrylic (PMMA) because of its drop resistance, easy coloring, easy processing, but also has excellent optical properties, with the same beautiful appearance of glass bottles, while the texture of high-grade, has become the main alternative to glass in high-end cosmetics.

2、Market supply situation

Cosmetic plastic packaging as an important link in the cosmetics industry chain, with the changing needs of the cosmetics market and change. At present, most cosmetic brands worldwide focus on the operation and promotion of the brand, and manufacturing links are completed by suppliers in the industry chain. With the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry, like many other manufacturing industries, cosmetic packaging manufacturing has gradually shifted to China on a global scale, making China a centralized region for cosmetic plastic packaging production and manufacturing.

At the early stage of international cosmetic brands entering the Chinese market, cosmetics were still high-end consumption in China, and the domestic market demand was not yet stimulated. With the gradual maturity of the market cultivation and the increasing per capita income level, the demand in developing countries and regions, including China, is growing rapidly. In parallel with the rapid growth of the cosmetic market demand, the market volume of the cosmetic packaging industry is growing rapidly and the number of industry players is increasing rapidly. Cosmetic plastic packaging, as an important part of cosmetic packaging, has also attracted the participation of many manufacturers.

The main materials of cosmetic plastic packaging are AS, PP, ABS, PETG, PMMA and so on. Among them, PMMA is commonly known as acrylic, because of its excellent performance is widely used in cosmetics packaging, and often used in high-end cosmetic packaging, compared to other materials, acrylic is the highest level of profit in the cosmetic plastic packaging industry, but because its customers are often large brands at home and abroad, the technical level of suppliers, production scale, qualification certification, etc. have very strict requirements, so acrylic Cosmetics plastic packaging production is mainly undertaken by the industry's comprehensive strength of enterprises. Nationwide, Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province is the main production area of acrylic cosmetic plastic packaging, the region gathered the earliest group of domestic enterprises producing acrylic plastic products, acrylic cosmetic plastic packaging production has a perfect industrial support and a mature business environment.

Overall, the cosmetic plastic packaging industry has more participants, but the vast majority of small-scale enterprises, small production scale, low technology and quality management capabilities are weak, the quality level of the products supplied by small-scale enterprises in the industry is more oriented to low-end products, for high quality requirements, process difficulties, short delivery time and other products required by large domestic and foreign brands are mainly supplied by well-known enterprises in the industry. At the same time, with the relatively strong enterprises in the industry in the production scale, technical level and product design capabilities, the concentration of supply of high-end products in the industry will gradually increase in the future.
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