The biggest problem in the development of acrylic cosmetic plastic bottles

Cosmetics plastic packaging bottles are also subject to certain impacts on materials and recycling. Traditional glass bottles have also begun to return to the mainstream, occupying most of the market space, but I believe that plastic bottles want to shock back, it is still just around the corner, because plastic bottles It gathers the major advantages and forms a system of competitiveness, which is also recognized by everyone. As long as it is slightly improved, I believe it will form an important response to the challenger;


Since the emergence of the new material acrylic can completely replace the glass bottle, almost all manufacturers have pushed it to replace it. It is most used in cosmetic plastic bottles. It has the texture of glass but the characteristics of plastic. It also inherits the various plastic bottles. Big advantage; but the changes in the packaging bottle market have impacted acrylic. The recycling rate of acrylic cosmetic packaging bottles is relatively low. Its material is difficult to decompose, which seriously affects the environmental protection of the environment and is extremely harmful to nature. ;


If the acrylic material can be improved very well in this respect, I believe that it will also be more widely used in other fields to maintain sustainable development. At the same time, the most powerful opponent of acrylic cosmetics plastic bottles is PET bottles. Is a very real problem that must be faced;


The application of cosmetic packaging bottles is still particularly extensive, so the trend of cosmetics is more and more luxurious? Or is it biased towards functionality? Of course, it is very clear that no matter which direction it develops in, it must meet sales volume and can be used up in a period of time to ensure the functionality of cosmetics;



With the rise of tourism, cosmetic packaging bottles will go to another route, a simple, simple and convenient direction; and cosmetics in tourism glass is completely unsuitable and bulky, so it is generally based on 100ml;


After centuries of cosmetics are all available from internationally renowned brands to domestic products, and most of them are branded products, and now the male and infant cosmetics market has gradually been tapped, which is also new New opportunities for companies to develop in the cosmetics industry;


However, in terms of baby cosmetic packaging bottles, everyone agrees that it should be cartoon-shaped and cute; because this statement has passed for several years, most of the infant and toddler products are now cartoon images, which are no longer novel at this stage. All of them are children under 7 years old, and those over 8 years old have their own aesthetics and values. They should not blindly develop cartoons and constantly design shapes and films, which is very time-consuming;



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