Plastic Cosmetic Bottles Packaging

Plastic cosmetic bottles are the most popular and widely used product in our daily life. These plastic products are available in various shapes, colours, sizes and styles, and they are very easy to package. They can be packaged into a number of ways. You can try out different packaging methods to achieve the best possible result.
* The most common way of packing plastic cosmetic bottles is with the help of corrugated plastic. Corrugated plastic is very effective and durable. It is available in different colour and size. Moreover, these plastic cosmetic bottles come with a smooth and shiny surface. However, they are very costly when compared to other packaging methods. They are available at affordable price range and can be easily bought from local stores.
* Another common method of packaging plastic cosmetic bottles is with the help of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) material. This material is available in different forms like small bottles, long plastic bottles and small colourful boxes. When mixed with other substances, PET plastic is flexible and light in weight. It is very easy to mould and shape PET plastic to various desired shapes like round, square, diamond, etc. Moreover, it is available in different density levels so that it provides good durability.
* Glass is another popular packaging option for plastic, cosmetic bottles. However, it is not a favourable option for all. In fact, glass bottles can lead to several chemical reactions which might affect its quality.
There are also many disadvantages in using glass bottles. First of all, they are not as impact resistant as compared to plastic. If you use glass bottles after taking them out, it might shatter and hurt you physically. Secondly, they might break very easily when they come into contact with high temperatures and acidity. Thirdly, they might contain lead, which is a very dangerous substance.
Plastic and glass cosmetic bottles are made to serve different purposes. While plastic is used for packaging and marketing cosmetics, glass is used for personal care items like eye shadow, lipstick, foundation, shampoo, lotion etc. Many cosmetic companies also manufacture non-hormonal and non-pore clogging cosmetic bottles in which no oil or water will be spilled. Thus, the buyer can choose the best product according to his or her requirement. Moreover, there are numerous online sellers who offer plastic and glass cosmetic bottles at attractive prices.
Plastic and glass bottles are also used for decorative purposes. For example, some companies design and produce colorful cellophane wrapping for various products. Other than this, companies also use plastic cosmetic bottles to package batteries and other electronic devices. In addition, some companies even use plastic to package wine bottles.
However, there are many disadvantages in using plastic cosmetic bottles. First of all, they are not easy to clean and maintain. Secondly, they are not environment friendly as they might contain oil, water, pesticides etc. They also consume a lot of time. Moreover, they are quite expensive as they are made from polyethylene terephthalate which costs twenty dollars per ton. Moreover, if you buy cheap plastic cosmetic bottles, it might get damaged sooner.
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