Inspection method of acrylic bottle

Among many acrylic bottles, as a consumer how to quickly know the quality of the selected acrylic bottle, the following methods can be simply used. The first method and the most common method is to watch. The packaging of the plastic edge of a good quality acrylic bottle is good, and the color is the same as the bottle body. The plastic edge of some acrylic bottles will have some color differences. , and some have some fading, which all indicate that the acrylic bottle has some flaws in the choice of material. Acrylic bottles with mixed colors may be produced using joint venture plates.

The second method is to measure the weight. Acrylic bottles are called organic glass bottles, which are relatively light in weight, while some acrylic bottles are heavy in weight and feel heavy in the hand. The exclusion is due to In addition to the reason for the thickness of the acrylic bottle wall, there is a situation where the quality is heavier, and a careful distinction needs to be made.

The third acrylic bottle has a certain degree of flame retardancy. When choosing, use a lighter to burn the bottom of the acrylic bottle. The bottom is relatively the thinnest part of the acrylic bottle material. If the bottom of the acrylic bottle shows signs of burning soon , it means that the selected acrylic bottle will have some problems in the selection of raw materials. In the quality identification of acrylic bottles, it can also be based on the light transmittance, plasticity, etc. of the acrylic bottle, starting from its principle, testing its products, and judging the quality of the acrylic bottle.
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