Plastic packaging bottles are very important for good cosmetics

Cosmetics attaches great importance to plastic bottle packaging, which integrates functions, advantages, and performance into one bottle. It can be said that if you want to surpass your peers, then you can be better than others by making individuality and innovation in packaging design. For cosmetics, except for the plastic packaging bottles used by some tall brands, it is estimated that the other brands you come into contact with are all glass. Because of the obvious texture, the new material acrylic plastic material was later released, which can completely replace glass;

At the same time, why is it important to say that a good plastic packaging bottle for cosmetics is so important? Some ingredients of cosmetics attach great importance to sealability, otherwise they will get lost and ensure stability;

According to the color and material state of the plastic bottle, choose the corresponding labeling method. Generally speaking, the silk screen process is more popular. It should be considered that the first time consumers will mainly visit your product, and then the first time consumers will see Your brand, and then the functionality of the product; the most important thing is that the position of the silk screen should not have any spots or defects; this directly affects the influence of the product in the market;

Plastic bottles continue to break through. Now it is not necessarily only glass bottles that can be used for cosmetics. As long as market segmentation and other planning are well planned, I believe that my own innovation will cause a sensation in the market, because now the market is all following the trend. If it sells well, imitate him.


Since the emergence of new materials, PET plastic bottles, has continued to replace PE in various industries, but it has been in dire straits with acrylic. It can be said that: continuous development and breakthroughs in the crisis, no one can guess the prospects, we just need to remember Sustainable development and stability, PET is hollow, injection stretch blow molding, non-toxic and odorless; of course, there are often some problems in the process of use, let us explain the injection stretch blow molding;

First, the embryo tube is obtained, which is formed by an injection molding machine, and then the hot parison is stretched, and then compressed air is used to stretch it laterally to obtain a product with the same shape as the mold;

A high-quality product is really troublesome, and it is necessary to control the temperature is too high, the pressure is too high, the heat seal design is too long, the silicone rubber at the bottom seal is too hard, etc., otherwise it will cause the teeth or the seal to be brittle; if You asked me the solution must be to avoid these, they are all technical and professional;

Its melting temperature is 256~280℃, the pressure is 300~1300bar, and the drying condition is about 120~165℃. PET can be made into solid color and transparent products, depending on your needs and ideas;

With the gradual maturity of plastic packaging bottles, market competition is becoming more and more fierce, but continuous innovation is needed. In order to meet market demand, we must continue to innovate, strengthen efficiency, and keep up with market changes.


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