What are the advantages of the screen printing process of cosmetic packaging materials

When you mention the screen printing process of cosmetic packaging materials, you have to introduce the characteristics of the screen printing machine: the screen printing machine is divided into manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. The classification method is mainly based on the degree of automation. Nowadays, automatic screen printing machines are mostly used. , Then what is the relationship between the screen printing machine and cosmetics? If it is really in the early stage of cosmetics development, it may not have a big relationship, but today, the screen printing machine and cosmetics are closely related, because we see those exquisite cosmetic bottles. The text is often printed by a silk screen printer.

In the cosmetics industry, the use of screen printing machines has brought many surprises to cosmetic manufacturers. This is not only because the screen printing machine can make the appearance of cosmetics more refined, but also because the use of fully automatic screen printing machines can greatly increase the efficiency of cosmetic manufacturers. Improve, thereby reducing costs and increasing benefits.

Cosmetics that have used screen printing machines are springing up like mushrooms, which can increase the value of cosmetics themselves and greatly increase the revenue of cosmetics brands.



Compared with other processes, what are the advantages of screen printing process?

The craftsmanship of cosmetic packaging materials is not only silk screen printing, but also many kinds of crafts such as bronzing, laser engraving, spraying, etc. So what are the advantages of silk screen printing among so many crafts?

Advantage 1: affordable

Price is always a major factor considered by the brand. After all, to control the cost to the greatest extent, after entering the market, there will be more price competitive advantages.

Advantage 2: Relatively short delivery period

Because the process is mature and the process is relatively simple, silk-screen processing will greatly shorten the delivery period compared with other processes, and seize the opportunity of time


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