Style selection of cosmetic packaging bottles


From skin care products to color cosmetics, beautiful packaging bottle designs can always attract the attention of many potential users. For users, beautiful packaging bottles can not only attract their attention, but also affect their overall shopping experience decisions. Cosmetic packaging bottles are an important part of the customer's overall brand experience. Therefore, in addition to appearance, other styles and functions of packaging bottles should be effectively designed.

The first is to determine how the cosmetic package will adapt to the entire brand experience. Whether the cosmetics are sold online or in physical stores, it is important to consider all packaging as part of the overall brand experience. So your cosmetic packaging bottle should reflect your brand personality and value and be consistent with other marketing tools of the brand.



Considering the basic functions of the packaging bottle and the special requirements related to the product, it is very important to determine the basic functions of the cosmetic packaging bottle before choosing the packaging pattern and layout. Do I need to use cosmetic packaging bottles to convey important information about product usage and ingredients? Is the product affected by light?

It is very common to convey important information about cosmetics through bottles. Products that are easily affected by light, such as essential oils, can be divided into two parts for protection, and dark glass bottles can be used in the inner packaging to reduce the light intensity.

Although our lives are full of all kinds of cosmetic packaging bottles, the more beautiful the appearance, the more it can attract the attention of target users. However, in addition to the beautiful appearance, if the packaging bottle can also create other effective functions for the product and brand very important.

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