What factors should be considered in cosmetic packaging design

Before starting the packaging design, the following points need to be clarified:
Define your ideal customer
It is important to know who you are designing for. Who is your ideal customer? Are they obsessed with girls' sparks like they do with boy bands? Are they the women of color who want makeup to match (eventually) their skin tone? Once they know who they are, what are they looking for in cosmetic brands? What attracts their attention?
Define your brand personality
Equally important for the identity of your customers is your identity. What is your brand? Are you drowsy? Simple and classic? luxury? Your image as a brand and the personality you want to show your customers will determine which design elements you use in your packaging.
Define how ideal customers buy your products
You also need to consider how to sell the product. Are you selling online or in a store? In a small boutique or a large retailer? Your design strategy may be different, depending on where you want to install the shell.
Create a mood board for your brand
Before you start designing, one good thing to do is to create a mood board for your brand. Put together images, colors, advertisements, and anything else that can reflect the personality of your brand; these will inspire you in the design process.
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